Tuesday, 11 November 2014

THANK YOU - 1,000 views!

I started this blog as a hobby; I'm not one for sports (other than walking Teddy) so spending an hour each day writing about my favourite topic seemed like a great way to escape from reality, and practice some writing skills whilst having a good excuse to natter about my love of makeup.

However in a short amount of time I've now reached 1,000 views which is quite shocking actually, especially seeing as I don't have any videos or links to my social media.


I've started a Jemma Beauty Instagram page which seemed appropriate as I figured my private Instragram wasn't the place for my many images of makeup products and many images of my face! Again, I seem to have accumulated a number of followers without having to do very much at all.


With all this in mind, I've also decided to add my blog to a network:

This means I can be found on the Bloglovin' app, which make it easier for people to follow my posts and receive Jemma Beauty updates without having to physically go to my webpage. It's also a great place to read the many other blogs and topics that are out there too. So please click on the link above and follow me!

I'm well aware that I've only written a handful of posts and as a newbie I'll be more than overwhelmed if I manage to achieve another 1,000 views. 

If you're a reoccurring reader out there, then thank you so much for spending your time visiting my site :)


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