Sunday, 9 November 2014

Autumn / Winter Makeup Trends 2014


How to get the Bold Eyebrows Trend

This certainly isn't a new trend, but apparently it's not going away any time soon. It's NOT okay to forget to pluck the mono-brow, nor is it an invitation to draw two giant slugs above the eyes with a marker pen.
Bold brows such as Cara Delevingne's are natural and soft looking. To fill in my eyebrows I simply use a cheap matte eyeshadow applied with a MAC 208 eyebrow brush, but here are some alternatives:



Metallic Eyeshadows trend 2014

I mentioned my love of metallic clutch bags in a previous post, and it seems that this trend extends to our eyes and lips too! Need some inspiration; I'm liking:

 (Usually £33.50 but currently on sale at Salon Skincare - follow link above)


Dark Grey Green Nail Polish Trend 2014

I've seen quite a lot of greys and deep greens about, which I'm absolutely looooving!! Totally not something I would usually go for but definitely something I'm going to be wearing!
Please check out these gorgeous shades (ps. the Ciate Vintage is on my shopping list):



Rich reds and deep berry shades have been a hit on the runway ...and personally I think they are always a hit at this time of year. Don't be afraid of strong colour, just go for it! 


Big Lashes Trend 2014 - false eyelashes mascara

This is my favourite trend of them all and something that I'm always up for. Get working those mascara wands and also apply to the underside of your lashes to create a fuller effect. As I'm not blessed with baby doll lashes, I tend to go for the false versions (which certainly isn't cheating in my humble opinion!).  Here are some ways to achieve this look:


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