Thursday, 13 November 2014

NARS Skin : Double Refining Exfoliator Review

Nars Exfoliator Face Wash Review
I bought this from ASOS during their one day flash sale. I was so excited when it arrived that I took all my makeup off any tried it straight away! I've never tried NARS skincare products before ...I actually didn't even realise they had a skincare range.

The usual price is £24.00 for 75ml which is pretty steep in my eyes, but as I suffer from dry skin, exfoliating is an important part of my routine, and something I do on a weekly basis no matter what, so I thought I'd treat myself. Not only does exfoliating help my skin feel softer but it helps my makeup appear smoother too.

When I squeezed it out on to my hand I was surprised at how thin the consistency felt. I usually like a grainy thick exfoliator that I can feel doing it's job; takeing off one dead skincell at a time. I also noticed the fresh smell which I find very appealing.

As I thought, it didn't feel rough on my skin at all. I massaged it into my face and left it for one minute. As I was rinsing it off, I couldn't quite believe how silky soft my skin felt. I even gave myself a 'shocked' glance in the mirror, water dripping everywhere, haha.
I noticed that I was stood over the sink for some time trying to rinse it off. Note to self - use in the shower next time. 

Once dried, my skin felt pretty darn smooth and very clean. Within seconds my skin became very tight and I had to lather on the moisturizer (but this is quite normal for me).


I've used this three times now and had no breakouts. I'm impressed. I still don't understand how it's so soft but so good!?? I'm a firm believer that makeup and skincare needn't be expensive, but I've never used an exfoliator quite like this one before! It's the first one I've tried that I'll definitely buy again.

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