Monday, 24 November 2014

24 Hour Lipsticks - TESTED!

best 24 hour long lasting lipstick

Last week I compared three highly available lipsticks that all claim to last 24 hours. I tested to see which one really is the best long lasting lipstick!
I wore each one for a whole 24 hours (yes even in bed!) to really see if this industrial strength lippie is really worth the hype. I drank lots of tea, ate lots of food, brushed my teeth ...basically everything I would do on a normal day!

The Contenders:


1. Maybelline Superstay 24 hour Lipcolor (Rose Dust)
Purchased from Boots at £8.99
13 Shades available (UK)

Long lasting lipstick review - Maybelline Superstay

2. L'Oreal Infallible 24H Lip Colour (Timeless Rose)
Purchased from Boots at £9.99
8 Shades available (UK)

Long lasting lipstick review - L'Oreal Infallible

3. Max Factor Lipfinity (Just Bewitching)
Purchased from Boots at £10.99
25 Shades available  (UK)

Long lasting lipstick review - max factor lipfinity





Swatch Maybelline Superstay 24 hour Lipcolor Rose Dust

Overall Verdict: Considering this was the cheapest product, it pretty much did the same as the other two, so for value for money this one is amazing! It did fade slightly quicker than the others, but in reality who really needs a lipstick to last 24 hours?! 
As it has a sheer finish, the fading didn't make my lips look too bad by the end of the day. 

PROS: Cheapest product which pretty much does the same job as the other two. Good amount of shades to pick from in store. Some may class this as a con but I liked the fact that it was a lot easier to remove than the other two lipsticks; I was able to remove it with a face wipe. It also didn't dry out my lips like the Max Factor one did which is a fantastic pro as I hate the feeling of dry lips. YUK!

CONS: I actually didn't mind that it wasn't still in tact after 24 hours, but again this may be a con for some people buying something to last them all day and night.


Swatch L'Oreal Infallible 24H Lip Colour Timeless Rose

Overall Verdict: This was actually quite similar to the Maybelline in terms of finish - the sheer and glittery lipstick meant that it still looked ok towards the very end of the day even as it began to dry out and fade.

PROS: Smells divine!! really reminded me of the Too Faced Lip Injection scent. The colour is a little more sheer and sparkly than the others which I liked, and also meant that it didn't look too bad even after a whole 24 hours.

CONS: Least amount of shades to pick from in store.




Swatch Max Factor Lipfinity Just Bewitching

Overall Verdict: This really does what it says on the tin! After 24 hours there was still no shifting it! I loved the colour I picked but unfortunately it comes last due to being the one that looked the worst by the end of the day. I will definitely use  this again but after 8 hours it really does lose it's appeal, and even the topcoat can't save it. It felt quite drying, and seemed to sink into the lines of my lips.

PROS: Max Factor have a huuuuge range of colours compared to the other brands, and the one I picked is stunning! The lipstick itself was extremely pigmented and opaque which was amazing on application, but less amazing to deal with towards the end of the day when it started to look tired.

CONS: This is the most expensive lipstick and also has the least amount of product. The packaging could be a drawback as the topcoat is separate which means you have to carry around two items. My lips felt quite dry by the end of the day and the lipstick was extremely difficult to remove ...24 hours later and no amount of scrubbing or makeup remover was shifting it! I used an oil moisturizer in the end which managed to get it off.

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