Friday, 14 November 2014

Latest Makeup Letdowns

When I love something I will tell everyone in sight ...this doesn't just extend to makeup, this could be anything, jewellery, food blender (true story!). Some of my friends say I'd be great in sales - which is funny because it's the one job I 100% couldn't do - purely because in sales you usually have to convince others to buy something even when you don't believe in it, and to me that's sacrilege!

So aside from sharing new found favourites, I also feel that it's my duty to warn people of products that will probably end up at the back of a drawer - never to see daylight again ...and let me tell you ...I have a few of those! I'm a bit of a bad one when it comes to buying makeup online without trying it first which I put down to inherited impatience (totally not my fault!) hence my list of current disappointments:

1. Collection Blush & Highlight Duo (Peaches and Cream)

At £4.19 and containing two products in one, I thought I'd stumbled across a bargain. How wrong! The 'blush' is so thick in texture it reminded me of the theatre makeup used in dance shows as a kid. I persevered at first in a stubborn attempt to get it right but I ended up having to add foundation over the top of my bright orange cheeks to try and tone them down. Two words: sticky and cheap.


2. Benefit They're Real Pushup Liner

As a HUGE Benefit fan and an even bigger eyeliner fan, I was super excited to exchange an old eyeliner in replacement for a They're Real mini as part of Benefits launch campaign. Well ....I'd really like my old eyeliner back thanks! I like to think that after 15 years of wearing eyeliner pretty much everyday that I'm quite experienced in applying it. But this was the most difficult eyeliner I've ever worked with. I found it very clumpy and even once I'd managed to get a semi-straight line, I thought the finish looked mediocre. I probably could have tried for longer, but I feel there are better out there at a cheaper price.

3. Prestige Skin Loving Minerals - Sunbaked Glam Tan

I bought this from Boots, but I've noticed that they've stopped selling it. It is still available on other websites though, so I wanted to mention it. On first impressions it looks divine; gorgeous gold flecks amongst a shimmering bronze powder. But on application it looks very uneven and way too glittery ...even for me! I spent too much time buffing and blending for my liking. Next....!

4. Red Cherry Eyelashes

After watching a YouTube tutorial, I bought my first ever Red Cherry lashes (747s). I also ordered some Ardell and Velour Lashes around the same time. In comparison the Red Cherry were a lot cheaper looking. Once applied they looked a little spidery and I also had one 'ping' off - which has never ever happened to me before. I'd rather spend a couple of quid more on Eylure or Ardell and have a much nicer, natural finish.

5. Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

I'm so sad to be mentioning another Benefit product, because I own and love so many. This isn't a bad product it just requires some awareness. If you're going to buy it please note that you don't get a choice of Boi-ing concealer shade. For me the colour is way too dark and therefore unusable. This leaves me with three small eyeshadows, and at £25.50 that's not great value for money in my opinion. Sorry Benefit!

To Conclude:

Obviously this is just my experience and my opinion. We all like different things - otherwise the world would be a very boring place. If you like any of the above then that's great.
If you have any products that have let you down over the past few months, please share!

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