Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Makeup Storage

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How to store your makeup |

This is my 'tidy' dresser where I apply the majority of my makeup. Looks lovely and neat doesn't it....

But usually it looks like this....(sad but very true)

Realising that multiple overflowing makeup bags, and drawers that are unable to close, are not making my life very easy; I decided to make a change. I now keep my day to day items in the two drawers in my dresser. I keep smaller items in a little cosmetics bag, and I bought the following:

1. Lipstick Tidy from Homesense (TK Maxx) 
Similar holders can also be purchased from Amazon or Ebay. 
Where to buy Acrylic Lipstick Holder UK

2. Brush Holder from Next
This is actually a toothbrush holder, it cost £4 and does the job perfectly!
Where to buy makeup brush holder

3. Box from Ikea
You get a set of seven fabric boxes in the pack for £13. I use the biggest one to hold my nail polish and accessorise. It then fits nicely in my bedside table or under the bed. I use a jam jar (from Homesense) to hold cotton balls. 

Cheap Makeup storage ideas UK

There are also lovely alternative's out there if you would like to treat yourself. I'm currently loving:

1. Cream Pen Holder, from Dunelm Mill £1.99
    Could totally be used to store brushes! 

2. Acrylic Glitter Holder, from Etsy £8.34 

3. Acrylic Multi-Purpose Storage Box, from Amazon £25.59

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