Monday, 17 November 2014

LUSH Lovin'

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love Lush. For years my mum has bought me a hamper of Lush goodies every Christmas, and I spend the first half of every year having mainly baths and smelling of roses and lavender.
I love all the amazing scents that are concocted in to their cute handmade products, and I also like the Lush ethos of using fresh and honest ingredients. Plus who doesn't love the fact that they don't test on animals! Hurray!

My favourite way of relaxing is to have a bath. I don't actually stay in it for very long (mainly due to eczema) but I adore the initial sinking into the water and just letting go.

I have MANY favourites (Think Pink bath bomb, Space Girl bath bomb, Dream Cream body lotion to name a few), but I thought I'd share some recent purchases:


Lush Products for Dry Sensitive skin
This is a floral scented bomb that releases rose buds when dissolved. It also contains oil which is super amazing for dry skin. Plus I just love the look of this one - I have this sat in my bathroom as a decoration at the moment. So cute!


Lush Products for Dry Sensitive skin
I was initially confused (easily done!) by the name , but this is actually a body scrub bar - you use it in the shower, and rub the bar over the body, leaving skin silky soft. It's a great way to exfoliate, and contains lots of moisturizing oils which are definitely essential after scrubbing.


Lush Products for Dry Sensitive skin
As someone who suffers from sensitive skin, I have trouble using regular soaps. The Dream Wash contains cooling calamine and soothing aloe vera, so no sore skin here! The texture is similar to that of a mud mask ...ok so that doesn't sound great, but it actually feels amazing when applied.


Lush Products for Dry Sensitive skin
This one is a must for dry skin sufferers - it contains lots of moisturizing ingredients. It's also becoming a favourite of mine due to it's refreshing and zesty scent, yum!

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