Friday, 26 December 2014

My Christmas Day

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone had a fabulous day. 
I had a great day with my family up in Aberdeen. I ate lots and lounged lots - watched tons of movies and felt sick, but then ate some more! Yeah!!

I love to know what others got for Christmas so I hope people don't take this post the wrong way. (By the way, my christmas jumper is from Marks & Spencer). 


We got ready at about 11am after having our traditional brew and bacon sandwiches. 
It took me a while to decide whether to go for red lips or not, but at the very last minute I opted for PINK! I wore gold sparkly eyes and girly pink cheeks. 


I got up at 8am and my parents opened their presents first whilst I was photographer, and then I opened my gifts last :)

I love my Miniature Schnauzer calendar and my new beauty blenders! I also got handy practical presents such as pyjamas, underwear and a waterproof coat for my dog walks :)


After the generosity of my friends and family, I'll be reviewing some really exciting products over the coming weeks. Yay!
But for now I'm going to take full advantage of boxing day; chill out, watch TV, read some blogs and eat some more! 
Plus now I'm counting down to my birthday ...2 days to go :)


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