Friday, 19 December 2014

Big Bouncy Hair with Minimal Effort

Big Voluminous Bouncy hair minimal effort

Naturally I have thin and flat hair. If you want voluminous hair without all the effort of rollers, blow drying and salon prices - I'm going to show you how! This is my quick and easy full bodied hair routine: 

To start, you need to invest in good volumising products. I NEVER believed that such a thing really existed until I paid a bit more and bought the Redken Full Body Shampoo £9.90 and the Thickening Lotion £10.45. Although this is more than double what I'd usually pay for hair products, I only use them when I want my hair to look it's best. On days that I'm just at home or tying it up, I revert to my regular shampoo. 

After washing and applying the Thickening Lotion, I dry my hair with my head upside down. I focus the hairdryer mainly on the roots. Once it's semi-dry I continue drying the rest with my head the right way up so that I don't pass out! 

Only once my hair is fully dry do I use a round brush to blow dry the very front to smooth out my fringe.
If you prefer a sleek finish or if you have naturally straight hair, it's best to use a round brush all over once it's dried, just to neaten. Basically I can't be bothered to do this so I continue with the lazy method:

I then curl the bottom half of my hair with tongs - this takes FIVE MINUTES. For those out there who think it takes ages, it really doesn't, unless you have naturally very straight or very very thick hair.

Curling Tip: using tongs is quicker and has a longer lasting hold than if you use straighteners to curl. My tongs are the best £20 I've ever spent and I use them all the time. Actually they were a Christmas present a few years ago they were the best £20 that my mum's ever spent! Ha. 

Lastly I use TRESemme Freeze Hold hairspray all over. I push up my hair at the roots to add more volume, and after 5 minutes or so, I run my fingers through the whole length of my hair to break up the ringlets into soft waves.

Using the method above I can easily wear my hair down, but to add a little bit of extra height, I use hair grips to pin my hair into place. I usually find that pulling my hair round to one side (as pictured), or pinning up the front is a really simple way of achieving a fuller look!


* Please note that the shampoo does leave my hair a little knotty when first washed, but combing just before washing helps minimise tangles.

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