Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Makeup Brush Series - BASE

I don't know about you but I've found buying makeup brushes rather frustrating and some what confusing at times (not to mention the disappointments ...oh and expense!). I've wasted quite a bit of my well earned cash on this area over the years and I still maintain the fact that brushes aren't always essential, however, there are a few that have stood out from the crowd and these are the guys that have come up trumps when I'm applying my base makeup:

Makeup Brush Best Foundation Powder


Ok so this brush isn't one that I use a lot but it does have it's use. When I can be bothered to apply a primer, this is what I use as it guarantees to get the product in to every tiny space, especially around the nose. My other main use for this brush is to use it clean as a buffing brush after contouring; this blends the products together leaving a natural look. 
I actually also find it to be really good when applying cream blushers. I struggled soooo much with cream blushers and bronzers that I made the executive decision to never buy one again as I was unable to apply them without looking like a drag queen. BUT I find that this brush really helps distribute the product evenly and there's an ease and control around the amount of product being applied to the skin. 


As I've mentioned a million times, I LOVE my beauty blenders. I've raved them a lot, especially as I have dry skin and have had difficulty with other makeup application methods. The technique is so simple - you drench the blender until it doubles in size, squeeze out the excess water and use it whilst damp to apply liquid foundation. Then dab dab dab away (do not rub or wipe!!).
The best thing about it is that I also use it to apply cc creams, concealer (my MAC concealer brush has well and truly been relegated), highlighting concealers, and liquid highlighters. It's so versatile and truly does leave an airbrush finish. 


I originally bought this brush to apply foundation after reading so many rave reviews but seeing as my beauty blender does a far far better job, I don't tend to use it as often. In my opinion it's not as good with thicker products as it leaves brush marks and streaks, however, I find that it is good at applying light bases such as CC Creams or tinted moisturisers. In the summer I use this quite often and it allows me to save my b.blenders for when I really need them. 


After foundation and concealer, I use a soft powder brush to lightly glide a finishing / translucent powder over the skin. Not the most exciting of purchases I'll admit, but I've had this brush for years and years and use it every single day, with loose or compact powders. 

Brushes pictured are (L - R):

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