Wednesday, 18 February 2015

February 2015 Mini Haul

I did 'dry January' this year, but replaced alcohol with cosmetics instead!
So as I'm now able to purchase things again hallelujah, I did a mini haul and this is what I bought...


I don't often buy products based on what other bloggers say, purely because I love to explore and find new items myself, but after watching a Zoella vlog I decided to purchase the NARS Sheer Glow foundation to see what it was all about. 
On first application I thought it looked lovely and that's coming from someone who struggles to find suitable foundations. On second application I decided to do half my face with sheer glow and half my face with Revlon Colorstay and actually there appeared to be little difference between them. If anything the Revlon side looked the best after 8 hours. So although I like the Nars foundation, I'm struggling to find a good reason why I'd pay £31 Vs £12???!


If you read my blog you'll know that I have a love - hate relationship with mascaras and that I always return to L'Oreal Telescopic almost every time I try something new, but ladies and gentleman I think I've found a winner! Ok Ok so I still prefer the wand on the L'Oreal mascara BUT this formula is great; no smudging, no flaking, but still easy to remove! I'm actually impressed. Do be warned though that the brush is pretty big so for those of you with small eyes, this may not be the one for you.


I've owned the same Tony & Guy hairbrush for probably 12 years ...I've had it for so long that the writing has worn away from the handle and some of the knobbly bits on the bristles have come off. So I was definitely overdue a new hairbrush! I opted for the newest compact Tangle Teezer which comes with a handy lid to keep the brush clean. 
With wet hair this is a dream; absolutely no pulling or soreness! But actually when my hair is dry I find the bristles are sharp and not the most comfortable (so secretly I've reverted back to my beloved, battered Tony & Guy on a couple of occasions sshhhh!) But I'm persevering! 


I didn't actually buy this, my mum gave it to me but it's still new never the less and it's gorgeous! I'm a big fan of pink nails anyway but this one is the brightest and most girly of the bunch. I own quite a few Revlon nail colours - they do a fantastic selection and it dries amazingly shiny. I wouldn't say that it lasts the 10 days that it claims to, but do any of them really last that long?

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