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Beauty Products I Regret Buying 2015

Beauty and Makeup Regrets 2015

Thankfully I don't come across too many beauty & makeup products that I don't like. But there are a few items that I either hate (harsh I know!) or they've been knocking around for a while now and I've given up. So here we go...

Unfortunately I don't have photos for every item as I often give away makeup that I don't like or don't use anymore.

1. NARS, Sheer Glow Foundation 

beauty makeup regrets 2015 - NARS sheer glow foundation
Ooooh a controversial start I know!
Watching Youtube is dangerous makes me buy things and this was one of them. I know so many people love it but it definitely isn't for everyone. 
It isn't terrible by any means BUT for me I felt that it didn't make my skin look any better than the 'drug store' foundations that I own. NARS lied, this isn't sheer or glowing, and it actually highlighted dry areas of my skin. For £31.00 I expected a lot more. 
Two big thumbs down!!

2. Real Techniques, Retractable Bronzing Brush

beauty makeup regrets 2015 - real techniques bronzing brush
Firstly, I love Real Techniques! I own many of their eye makeup brushes and they easily compete with far more expensive equivalents, so I was disappointed with this one.
For a bronzing brush this is far too dense in my opinion; I find that it picks up too much product and then dispenses it all within the first touch of the skin. 
As a bronzing brush this is a NO NO. I'm still in search of a good one!! Someone please help. 

3. HD Brows, Browtec Pencil 

beauty make regrets 2015 - HD Brows Browtec eyebrow pencil
I'm wondering if I received a dud, because the reviews online for this don't make any sense to me! The retractable pencil that I have is USELESS; I have to press quite hard in order for the colour to transfer on to the skin which isn't pleasant and also makes it susceptible to breakage! Plus the colour is all wrong - I picked the shade 'Foxy' which is supposed to be dark brown but it's too light for me, and I wouldn't say that my brows are that dark, so I don't really understand?! 
I think I felt especially disappointed because this is from a brow company so I expected it to be good for my brows!! Really hate this product. 

4. Bobbi Brown, Creamy Matte Lip Color - Pale Peach

beauty makeup regrets 2015 - Bobbi Brown Matte Lipstick Pale Peach
This is hard to explain so bear with me. 
I bought this after falling in love with the same lipstick but in the shade 'Razzberry', however, the lighter colour of the 'Pale Peach' seems to look sooo unflattering in a matte finish. It has to be applied with a lip brush (which is annoying) as the lipstick is so thick when applied straight from the bullet.
I also feel the need to apply lip balm or gloss over the top when I'm wearing it just to take the focus away from my dry burnt-orange lips. Haha if that's not put you off I'm not sure what will. 

5. Makeup Revolution, Baked Highlighter - Peach Lights 

Beauty and Makeup Regrets 2015
I'm so late on the Makeup Revolution bandwagon. I only started trying their products this year and have actually really liked the few items that I've tried.
But I'm a highlighter junkie, and this powder highlighter just doesn't do it for me. The swatch looks pretty good, but on my face it's far too silver. It's also not very pigmented when applied with a brush and actually comes across as cheap (yes I know it is cheap, but their other items that I've tried are much better quality than this). 

6. Soap and Glory, Off Your Face (3 in 1 Face Wipes)

Soap and Glory off your face wipes
The wipes are ok, but I don't think they're worth £4.50, especially as they can't be used on the eyes (unlike Simple). I know, I know, wipes are the enemy, but I do use them so I'm being honest. 
I don't like the texture either; they're a little scratchy. Oh can I also add that I was shocked to read that they are supposed to be mint flavoured!! I swear they smell of peach which again is something that I'm not that keen on. I won't be repurchasing. 

7. Benefit, They're Real Push Up Gel Eyeliner

I'm being a bit naughty because I mentioned my dislike for this product when it was released last year but as the hype has continued to grow I decided to give it another go. 
To be blunt - I shouldn't have bothered. 
To me this is such a bad eyeliner. I don't understand it at all?!?! I find it clumpy, dry, and I'm not able to achieve precision in a quick time frame. This eyeliner makes me nervous, it makes me sweat, and I can't stand makeup that makes me work hard. In my opinion there are so so so many other better eyeliners on the market! ...I've tried so many of them, and so many of them are better than this!

8. Lancome, Le Crayon Khol Liner

9. Maybelline, Expression Kajal Liner

Both of these eyeliners melt down my face every single time I use them. 
Simple as that. 
A far better alternative is Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer

10. MAC, Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (finishing powder)

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Medium
I did like this powder and have used it quite a bit over the past year, but I then reminded myself just how good loose translucent powder is, and now I find the MAC Mineralize too thick and 'powdery'. 
I feel it can sometimes be seen on the skin which I don't like, and I just personally prefer the fineness of translucent powder; Smashbox and Laura Mercier do great finishing powders. 

I know some people may be shocked at some of my choices as I know many of them are very popular within the blogging community. If something in the list is actually one of your favourites then that's ok, because we can't all like the same things. If you have better alternatives to any items that I've mentioned, I'd love to hear your opinions so please leave a comment xx

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