Thursday, 9 April 2015

Bronzed Beach Babe Makeup

Sorry I haven't been blogging consistently recently, I'm currently job hunting which is beyond dull and time consuming! I actually wrote this post a couple of weeks ago but on reflection the look I created took me aaaages to achieve and that isn't what I wanted for a fresh and effortless beach look. 

So here is take two:
Effortless Beach Babe Makeup

I used as little products as possible which includes very little contouring (SHOCK!) and some multi-use items. 

Effortless Beach Babe Makeup


When you're creating a look that has natural eye and lip makeup, it's super important to get the skin looking as good as possible. 
If you're lucky enough to have silky smooth skin you can easily chuck on a tinted moisturiser or a bb / cc cream, but I don't have the luxury of this, so I cheat...

Glowing Skin Makeup 2015

Firstly I used Revlon Skinlights Illuminator - Bare, on my cheeks (over moisturised skin).
Then I used my absolute favourite Max Factor CC Cream on the best parts of my skin which are my cheeks and forehead, I applied this using MAC 187 brush. I then mixed the cc cream with my thicker Revlon Colorstay Foundation for the parts that I need more coverage which are my chin and nose. 
This just means that I don't have thick makeup all over my skin, and I'm allowing the nicest parts to shine through.
If CC Cream makes your skin too shiny, add a light layer of translucent powder over the T.Zone insuring that your cheeks are left dewy and glistening. 


This is usually where the epic contouring takes place, but not today! 

Glowing Bronzed Skin Makeup

I added a very light layer of Stila bronzing powder over the forehead and VERY lightly under the cheek-bones.
I then used the Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick over the cheeks and across the forehead. I dabbed my finger in the white highlighter shade and added a line of highlight down the nose. 
I used the orangey coral blusher from the Makeup Revolution Sugar & Spice Blush palette over the apples of my cheeks. 


As this is supposed to be a quick and easy look, I used the Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick again, but on my eyes. I used a light bronze shade over the whole lid and under the lower lash line. I then used the white highlight in the inner corners. DONE!
Bronzed Eyes Makeup

I used a black Maybelline eyeliner pencil on the upper lid to frame the eyes slightly. I didn't worry too much about getting the line perfectly straight and precise, and then I coated my lashes with Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara


I stepped away from 'structured brows' and literally just filled in any gaps with the Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil and then used Benefit Gimme Brow to keep them in place. I actually loved that they looked natural and more like sisters (not twins!! haha, love that saying). 


Yes it's true, I just added a small amount of Carmex lip balm to add a tiny bit of shine without the stickiness. I love tinted lip balms in the Spring & Summer, especially ones that have SPF. 

Lastly I brushed out curled hair in to loose waves and parted it down the centre. I then threw on a summery t.shirt and skinny jeans, good to go! 

Bronzed Summer Makeup Look

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